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The Olive Tree Nursery believes that all children have the right to receive and enjoy integrated childcare and other community/ family services. We feel that it is a positive experience to be able to share the same opportunities and will work with parents to ensure this happens.

The Olive Tree Nursery has extensive knowledge and experience in supporting children and families who may require aditional support, We have previously cared for children with complex behavioural concerns such as autistic spectrum disorder and ADHD.


We currently support children with speech and language difficulties and children with differing medical conditions which have effected their speech, physical development and everyday care. We pride ourselves on providing a calm, stimulating and individual experience in order for the children to thrive and meet their full potential. We have a vigourous assesment process which allows all children to recieve the care they require.


If parents have any concerns about their children they are encouraged to speak to a member of the SENDCo team who can then assess the child and make any relevent referals to outside agencies.


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Our SENCo Team 


SENDCo and Leader of Learning

Gifted and Talented

Special Educational Needs and Disability

The Gifted and Talented policy was introduced to define children who have developed one or more skill at a level significantly higher than those of their peers or for those with the potential to do so.


Gifted children have a distinct ability to excel in one or more areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Talented children are those who excel in their practical skills, such as sport, art and creative development.


The Olive Tree Nursery provides greater challenges for children who are gifted and talented, We ensure we provide a variety of activities to encourage a childs learning and development, Activities are designed to nurture and rippen a childs learning behaviour. Some examples of these activities are:


  • Adding and subtracting numbers.

  • Answering 'how' and 'why' questions about their experiences.

  • Working as part of a group and understanding rules.

  • Handling tools correctly and effectively.

  • Simple reading skills

  • Observe animals and plants, talk about changes and why some things occure

  • Using media and materials in their own original way.

Jade S

Early Years Practitioner / SEND Assistant

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