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The Olive Tree Nursery provides a stimulating, safe and caring environment for children from birth to the age of 5.

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My son has attended the olive tree nursery since he was 14 months old, he is now nearly 5. He took his first steps during our first visit, he was always happy to be going which is always a must for me.

The staff have always been supportive and helpful, even during those horrible moments of biting and unwanted behaviour. The staff helped to record the incidents to find a pattern and then resolve the unwanted behaviour. They have always be so welcoming with advice and reassurance that my child is normal, for a first time mum having that support was amazing.

The way Helen has gone beyond for our children compared to other nursery's is exceptional, my son has loved swimming, balance-ability classes and the frequent trips that have been put on along with the Christmas activities, and the school readiness program it really has made my sons childhood a magical one where I wouldn't even of thought of some of the places or activities to of done with him (or slightly scared of the mess I would of had to tidy up) it is such a shame the time has come for us to leave its gone so quick, my son is excited for school but upset to leave the olive tree and tells me he will miss his teachers.

Miss you all and I envy the next families who will get to enjoy the olive tree.

My little boy has only been going two days and is so happy there! Big smiles when being picked up and love the attention he gets from the staff ! Really feel he is being looked after X



The effort and care put in by Helen and the team is truly outstanding! Always thinking outside the box, caring for children as well as families. The kindness and generosity given is remarkable. Today was sports day, during the day we were well cared for with bottles of water, my daughter was shown and encouraged by ever single member of staff at every activity, shade was provided, and even though the area was public the children were kept safe and secure by security fencing. The day was organised out of pure kindness and care, bringing families together with the nursery. I would like to say a massive thank you to Helen, Jade, Michelle, Debbie, Laura, Sophie, Samantha and the rest of the team for taking such good care of my daughter and for a fantastic day!


My son has been going for a year now and going up to the 3 year olds side in September. Since September 2015 he's come on leaps and bounds and I can't thank Laura, Amy, Lucy, Sally and all the other girls enough! From a little boy that started off hardly speaking and now is extremely vocal bossing me around, counting to 10, is starting to learn the alphabet, and much more! Im so happy I chose The Olive Tree! Couldn't recommend them more! Xx


I wanted to write something on how I feel as a parent with a child at olive tree I'm a mum of 3 children & this is my 1st child that has ever been in a nursery my other 2 was at a pre school. By far this was the best decision I made for my daughter, when she started at olive tree she didn't have a lot of confidence in leaving me, the staff in baby room were always there to help me & her and make it less stressful. When she went into the 2 year old room same again happened my daughter was getting upset cause she was in a different room but the staff were always there and she soon settled in. . I have to praise Helen & Jade because they have been great with me & my daughter I have been very poorly the 2 month where I was in hospital they were there to offer me & my family support even if my daughter needed extra hours at nursery also to collect her from my home address I can't fault themnone of them they are a great bunch of people & all work very hard to make olive tree the place it is today there trips sports day Xmas party's they always go to the max so all the children will remember it fair play to each & everyone of u here's to my daughters last year boo hoo I'm gonna b gutted & thank u all 4 all the love & support u all work so hard don't stop doing what your doing love 2 u all xxx