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The Olive Tree Nursery provides a stimulating, safe and caring environment for children from birth to the age of 5.

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My little boy loves going to the olive tree. He has lots of friends and looks forward to his time there. The staff are friendly and approachable which is important when you are trusting them with your child. They offer healthy snacks and lunches for the children and let them help themselves-which my little one loves. They also offer a great range of extra activities-my little one does swimming and multi sports-which he loves. Cannot recommend the olive tree enough.

Our son has come on leaps and bounds since starting at this nursery ! He loves attending and staff have been very helpful too help him progress in his speech and behaviour. He also enjoys swimming lessons on a Thursday which you don’t get at most nursery’s  ! We really do fill he’s in a comfortable and safe place when attending and that his needs are met by staff.


Sam and Kaylee


Our little lady has been attending the Olive Tree for approx. 16 months now and can not fault the staff or the facilities that they offer so far. The staff have be so professional and knowledgeable since our first look around the nursey and we knew instantly that this was the nursery for our family. Our little lady loves the staff and she has progressed beyond what we expected. We hope to send our little man in due course.



Olive Tree Nursery, Is by far the best nursery in Somerset! My now 5 year old son attended this nursery for two and a bit years before starting school, He started a quiet little boy with delayed speech, He left a bright little boy that loves to talk, especially counting and loves to help and play with others. My 4 year old daughter is now on her last year before starting school, she started nursery at 1 and a half years old, and has came on leaps and bounds, from letting her big brother speak for her to the bright, independent little girl she is today! Thanks to the Olive Tree Nursery they both enjoy/ed activities such as swimming and horse riding, not to mention the event’s they put on such as Sport’s day and Summer trips. Helen, Jade and all the other staff are amazing, nothing is to much for your child’s happiness and education! Highly recommended nursery! A*****



I couldn’t recommend The Olive Tree Nursery enough! It’s been amazing for my son who started off not wanting to leave me and screaming every time I dropped him off to now enjoying every second of it and joining in all activities he can. They have a great selection of extra activities for the children to sign up to, hold an annual sports day and organise a great summer trip every year too!  They also have a great on site kitchen which makes healthy food I might not necessarily be able to give him at home and he enjoys every meal. They’re such an amazing team of staff who are always happy to help. Highly recommend The Olive Tree Nursery!


Hello currently I have a little boy attending nursery at The Olive Tree Nursery and very soon my baby girl will also be attending when I return to work. I would like to say for us the olive tree was the obvious choice when choosing childcare and I have to say I am a very fussy parent when it comes to entrusting the care of my children to someone. I looked at several settings so I have done my research and I can honestly say from my first visit I instantly knew I had found the home from home I was looking for. The setting is amazing in all areas from the childcare rooms to the outside play and the equipment but as all parents know the most important thing that absolutely stands out is the staff. These are the individuals we are trusting the care and protection of our children with. Every single member of staff is professional caring compassionate empathetic and top it all off also qualified educators . The level of child centred care and learning here is exceptional and this for me is priceless. My little boy loves it here has made his first friendships and relationships with adults outside of the family and his language ability has improved so rapidly. Nursery has taught him confidence and compassion as well as educating him. An excellent care setting for me is one where I have 100 per cent trust as I walk out the door leaving my child behind. The meals are amazing value for money and my little boy never leaves any. They are healthy and balanced and also “very yummy” no  better compliment than a clean plate from a two year old x the extra curricular activities available are amazing and not available anywhere else in this area. Children are not spending their time in one room they go for walks and lots of play outside even when they are babies. There is no ifs or buts with The Olive Tree Nursery you can expect outstanding care for your child at all times and I say once again this all thanks to the hard work and dedication of the happy friendly staff team. I hope this helps any parent struggling to find the perfect childcare setting for their child . Lorraine Purnell a very happy mummy x

Craig and Sarah

A true pleasure it has been for  our child whom is currently in attendance.  We are able to watch our son's growth and development during their time at Olive Tree Nursary. Like his brother before him (who also attended), he is excited to go to school each day and even more excited to share what he has learned and done with his family. Helen and Jade and all the early year practitioners and admin staff have not only given their considerable time, patience and caring to our son, they have also brought out a bright and vivacious behaviour that permeates everything he does.

We are constantly grateful that we found such an ideal setting for our 2-year-old to get acquainted with the joys of learning and socialising with others. We would unreservedly recommend Olive Tree Nursary to any and all parents who want a holistic educational experience in a warm and caring environment for their children.

Craig and Sarah